It’s been almost 10 years since we’ve celebrated New Year’s Eve with our relatives in our house. We used to watch movies, play around, chit chat and create wishlists together, prepare  foods like our favorite lasagna and hamonado before 12’o clock midnight but now having three persons in a family is quite lonely. Aside from that, my father likes to buy fruits that are circle in shape because he believes that it will bring luck. Lately, lucky fruits( it is not to be eaten) in the form of luya(tied w/ a ribbon), gabi, pineapple tied with dalandans are popular among people as it will be displayed and bring luck.  

After hours of waiting, my father lit only two fountains while my mom keeps on making noise.  Back then, the use of fireworks and firecrackers last long until 5am here in our town. But now, my family and my neighbors lit the firecrackers and fountains for only 1-2 hrs and just use the horns of our cars. 

Since I have asthma, I'm not allowed to go outside our house so I just stay inside with my dogs who are really frightened especially my small toy dog. Blaire, my small toy dog, keeps on shivering and panting so I had to cover her ears the entire time.

The night ended with silence. It was not the longest and noisiest night of our New Year but still we're happy to welcome the new year with joy in our hearts and hopes for a brighter start and future.

Happy New Year Everyone ! :)

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