YSA Skin Care Center Review

My mom and I decided to treat my acne. It was only mildly but because it was my first time, we went to skin care centers with dermatologists. The first clinic we went became unappealing to me because the receptionist ( I guess one who gives facials because she was wearing medical scrubs) was unpleasant and her face has many acne. The dermatologist was not around and it was already in the afternoon so we went to the YSA. 

We waited for long hours for the dermatologist to come and I still insisted to my mom that we should wait because a lot of people keep on entering for their services such as cleaning and chemical peel and products like Erythromycin. The dermatologist didn't come that day so we just asked them what to do with my acne and they suggested a cleaning. 

They asked me to wash my face in the washing area where their liquid soap product and tissue were provided. The one who was going to do the cleaning applied something in my face, placed a tissue on my eyes and placed the steamer beside my face. She went out for a while and went back to put a face mask on my face. After a few minutes, she removed the mask and started to prick and get the dirt out. She used a machine and started to massage my face with it ( I don't know what that really was) after pricking. Then she applied Erythromycin on my face and took me to another room where I have to face a fan. ( I guess to let my face cool so that my pores would close )

After that, I asked them if what should I use to maintain not having pimples and they recommended the Erythromycin and Acne Lotion Mild. They told me to use only the Erythromycin for that day and wash my face and use the Acne Lotion Mild the next day. I also bought their YSA Botanica Green Papaya.

I went back after a week and had my face cleaned again. I really liked the one who has done the cleaning this time because she was very patient. I paid 560Php for my second cleaning compared to the 600Php+ because it was my first to their skin care center.

( Left - Acne Lotion Mild ; Right - Erythromycin Lotion )

What I like about the YSA Skin Care Center ( Festival Branch ): 

They don't force to sell their products. 
The center smells good. 
Their Erythromycin and acne lotion mild products are effective.
Their service is good but it really depends on who will do the service for you. 

What I don't like about the YSA Skin Care Center ( Festival Branch ):

The washing area is dirty. 
The area is too small to accommodate many customers.

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