This clear Double Eyelid Tape from TheFaceShop helps in turning mono eyelids to temporary double eyelids. A packet contains 40 pairs of eyelid tapes worth 110 Php at TheFaceShop. Each tape is designed to the outline of eyelids so you don’t have to shape or cut it. Aside from that, it can be used with make-up.


                           I have so-called chinita eyes so the tapes are very useful  in enhancing the look of my eyes. Some people who don’t look at my eyes closely think I'm wearing a white eye make-up.

Picture without flash

Picture with flash


Clean the area where you will place the tape, or wash face and then pat dry. Use tweezers to put the tape above the lash line. You can cut the excess until you get your desired shape.


It is easy to apply.
It makes the eyes look bigger.
It creates a natural crease when covered by make-up.
It is affordable.
It does not irritate the eyes.


It is a bit visible during the day. 

Double Eyelid Tape from TheFaceShop

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