As we grow, the production of our keratin slows down. Heat styling, hair dyes and other harsh chemicals applied tends to damage our hair. Our hair becomes brittle, dull and dry.

                       After my hair underwent rebonding, the stylist told me to use Shine Moist Ionic Keratin Treatment because it's a deep conditioning treatment. I bought the sachet which cost me 100Php at David's Salon. After three days, I used it after shampooing my hair. It made my hair more softer and shiny. I consumed the sachet three times because I have a medium hair.

                      Keratin is a protein formed from keratinocytes that makes up most areas in our body such as our hair, nails and skin. Our hair gets unhealthy when the external layer of keratin is damaged. To replenish the keratin and make the external layer of keratin healthy, keratin treatments should be applied. 


                        At the back of the sachet, it says that the Ionic Keratin Treatment injects dry, colored, permed and frizzy hair intensive moisture plus softness perfectly. This provides deep penetrating moisturizing for brilliantly gloss and shine effects. Also Ionic Keratin Treatment enhanced by using professional steamer to maximize the potential for increased softness.


After shampooing, blot dry the hair with a towel. Apply Shine Moist Hair Treatment generously over all the hair and cover with a plastic cap for 15 to 30 mins with or without heat.


Fatty Alcohol, Distearyl Dimetlyl Ammonium, Dimethcone, Mineral oil, Isopropyl Alcohol, Isporoyy Myristate, Glycerine, Hyroxyprppyl Trmonium Hydrolyze Collagen, Aqueous Solution Of Solun E, Glydant Plus, Citrate Acid, B5,  Water, Herbaflor

Why I love this product:

It makes the hair shine or glossy.
It smells good.
It leaves the hair smooth and softer.
It is easy to apply.
In one sachet, it can be used 2-3 times.
It is good for rebonded and colored hair. 

Why I don't love this product:

I can't mention any.

Shine Moist Ionic Keratin Treatment


  1. Had my hair rebonded last Dec as well, also at David's. Did you just use your bare hands to apply the product?

  2. hi I'm a hair stylist for 2 years and i strongly recommend ionic keratin treatment or any Shine Moist products to your hair.

    1. can the procedure be like with the brazilian keratin where the hair will be ironed after application and without washing it after??

  3. where is David's Salon

  4. I will make sure that if we do this Keratin treatment for hair makes our hair to be shine and moist.

  5. Shine Moist - Keratin, now in yellow bought it at the hortaleza only p60.

  6. I bought mine today from watson Mondes. Professional Ionic keratin treatment @ php 99.00 .I'm excited to try what will be the result.

  7. I bought mine yesterday at david's salon for 100php one sachet. They recommend it to me because i have very dry hair. I hope this thingy works on me. By the way mine is in red sachet.

  8. Hi! I'm selling shine moist priducts.all authentic.made in germany.check my fb page : jewel's fab & glam shop. Thanks

  9. Do we have to use a shower cap?


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