Working out at Slimmers World Gym

                 While I am roaming around Festival Mall, I passed by the booth of Slimmers World. At first, I thought it was just a group session for those who want to be thin but when I saw their very catchy promo which is 1+1 month, I’ve already asked for some flyer for my mom and my friend. After I have read the flyer, it became clear to me that it was a gym and beauty center. I was very delighted that me and my mom went to Slimmers World Alabang branch to ask for the coverage of their promo in the gym wherein we were acccommodated by a consultant that toured us to the gym and its ladies’ comfort room. 

                           After that, we went back to her room to discuss what I  want to obtain from the gym so that they can prepare a gym routine for me and breakdowns the cost I would like to avail according to months. But because I just want to try the gym if I can weight gain, I availed the 1+1 month which is worth 2400Php coverage of use of all the gym’s equipments and machines. It also includes the aerobic classes. Their walk-in price is 500Php. It was good that there are lots of women working out in the gym so I don't have to be shy.
                    The next day, I went to Slimmers World to have my medical check-up and picture taking for membership ID. The receptionist asked me if I want to use the gym facilities at the same day but if I won’t she reminded me to bring my receipt as my proof to my next visit because I don’t have my membership ID yet. (It was very nice of her).

membership ID :)

                           It was Thursday afternoon that I went to Slimmers World and a lot of people were working out. The receptionist called a personal trainer to assist me because it was my first day. The personal trainer taught me the rules, routines and how to use the machines. At my first day, I acquired two cardiovascular activities(treadmill and crosstrainer) and then proceeded to muscle building by lifting dumbbells, etc.

                            At the first three days, the trainer assisted me until I have memorized my workout program. There’s also this signing up for the use of treadmill, crosstrainer, aerobic class etc. except for muscle building equipments and the bikes. A maximum of 30 minutes per use of cardiovascular machines. The trainer also  instructed me to have a 3 minutes cool down at the treadmill and 15 minutes cool down using the cardiovascular machines after my muscle building routine.

                                   Now, I go to Slimmers World every morning because there are lots of people working out in the afternoon. 

What I like about Slimmers World Gym(Alabang Branch) :

The personnel are nice.
The gym is neat and clean.
The ladies’ comfort room is clean.
It’s free to join the aerobic classes.
There are trainers that will assist you.
They provide drinking fountains.
They provide mats for stretchings or exercises.
Lockers are provided.
LCD TV’s attached to the treadmill and crosstrainer for entertainment.

What I don’t like about Slimmers World Gym (Alabang Branch) :

The gym is small.    

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