The Professional Touch Salon Styling Mousse is used for styling and holding the hair. At the same time, it adds volume to the hair and makes it shiny. It contains pro vitamin B5 and UV filters. Sizes vary from small container which is 225ml and large at 350ml.

The opening is secured with a small plastic cap. 


After shampooing, dry hair with towel. Shake the can before using the mousse.  Hold the can downwards and dispense into the palm of hand. Scatter equally the mousse to the hair. Style hair.


It is easy to apply.
It is affordable.
It is contained in a cute container (^_^)
It doesn’t make the hair hard.
The smell doesn’t hurt the nose.
Its fragrance lasts long in the hair.
It holds the style of hair long enough.


It needs a lot of mousse to style and get the desired hair. 

Professional Touch Salon Styling Mousse


  1. How much is this mousse and where can we avail this?

  2. i bought mine at only 200php 350ml . . .watsons. .

  3. Is it effective to hold curly hair?


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