CoverGirl TruBlend Mineral Blush gives a natural look that emphasizes the cheeks with its shimmering feature. It looks great on the skin and blends well. The two colors of the mineral blush are shimmering sands and pure romance. I think it's worth $6 for 18g in Walmart. It was just given to me by my cousin along with CoverGirl TruBlend Mineral Loose Powder so I'm not sure about the price. She gave me the pure romance which is very good to my skin because I gives a pinkish glow in my cheeks. 

Be careful in not touching your face when the mineral blush is applied because it is easily wiped out. This mineral blush takes many layers of application but has a  good outcome on my cheeks. The glitter combines well with the blush. I've used a brush rather than the puff included because the brush holds and spread the blush better.

What I like about CoverGirl TruBlend Mineral Blush:

It blends in skin easily.
It is great for contouring cheeks.
It has a glittery effect.

What I don't like about CoverGirl TruBlend Mineral Blush:

It's messy.
Packaging is not good.
The color doesn't last long but the glitters are still visible.

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