CoverGirl TruBlend Luminous Loose Powder tends to give a natural looking glow in an instant. It varies from fair, light, medium and honey translucents. The loose powder comes with a powder puff when purchased.

                           While removing the sticker, the powder keeps on spreading all over the container that made me hate the packaging. Another is it has many glitters that I mistook it for a bronzer. The one that my cousin gave  me was translucent medium which is right for my skin tone. It blends well to my skin but the glitters are too much. When I apply one layer into my face, it looks like I didn’t apply at all so it keeps me on applying more but the glitters keep on outshining the powder. The glitters are more visible than the powder itself.  I use this loose powder only at night because of its content. I don’t use it as a loose powder but as a bronzer or for contouring my cheek bones. I use a small brush rather than the powder puff included.

( with flash )

(without flash)

                         Over all, I like how the loose powder blends with my skin except for the glittery feature. The product is not that bad at all but it is not that good either.

                         Cover Girl TruBlend Luminous Loose Powder was purchased by my cousin at Walmart ( I think ) worth $6-7 and gave it to me together with CoverGirl TruBlend Mineral Blush.

What I like about CoverGirl TruBlend Luminous Loose Powder:

It’s affordable.

What I don’t like about CoverGirl TruBlend Luminous Loose Powder:

It’s  messy.
It is very glittery.
It has a powder puff that is not useful.

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