(The full and smalls decal I bought in the mall worth 50Php each) 

                 Nail Art Water Decals gives an utmost art in our nails. It can be a small(single) and full cover water decal. A clear nail polish is used as the top layer to adhere the nail decal onto the nail. It  can be removed easily by the nail polish remover. I bought my next decal at Divisoria because it is more cheaper than the first full cover and small decal I bought in the mall worth 50Php each for one design. The full cover water decal was worth 100Php for four designs in Divisoria. Each set of design contains 10 nail decals.


Cut the nail decal that fits your nail. Note: It’s alright to have an excess.

Soak the nail decal into the water for a second to separate the sticker from the paper.

Make sure that your nail is clean. 
Tweeze the nail decal and place it on your nail.

Damp the nail decal with tissue or cotton to remove the water and air.

Cut the excess part. 

Apply a thin layer of clear nail polish at the top of the nail decal and let it dry.
Remove the excess using a small stick or pencil or rub it with sand paper nail file.
Apply another layer of clear nail polish.

(single/small decals)

Why I love Nail Art Water Decals

It is simple and easy to apply.
It has many available designs to choose from.
It lasts longer than nail polishes.
It stays on the nails for a week or more.
It doesn’t take you too long to finish a design on your nail.
It is affordable.
It’s not messy.

What I don’t love with Nail Art Water Decals

The design melts when the clear nail polish is not applied fastly.
Wrinkles appear when the nail decal is not placed properly.

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