Why SMART Money? 

                        SMART Money helps with an easier transaction of payment and sending money. It can be used to pay bills using your mobile phone, shop online, transfer money and get prepaid load. To avail of the SMART Money, you can go to any SMART branch or apply online (Philippines' SMART subscriber only). A 120Php processing fee is charged upon applying. Here's the link for SMART Money online application. Customer service at any SMART branch will give you a form and ask if it will be delivered or picked up at a certain branch.

(got my SMART Money by pick-up)


                               A text message from SMART will be sent to your SMART number you provided that you may pick up for your SMART Money card  3 days from the time the text was sent or 5 days if provincial. A valid picture ID is needed. It must be claimed within 60 days from receiving the text message.

SMART Money Card :)

User Guide included

                     User guide includes on how to set up SMART Money account, uses of SMART Money, how to load and manage account and SMART Money rates.With the use of SMART Money, it will be easier for me to shop online.  It  is also the card that I am using in Google Checkout.
SMART Money Card Related-Fee
Application (Instant Card)
Application (Personalized Card)
Replacement Fee
Dormancy Fee
SMART Money Phone Transaction
Balance Inquiry
Airtime Reload
Pasa Pera
Internet Transaction
Bills Payment
Reload Money via MBS
Other Phone Transactions
Other SMART Money Fees
ATM Balance Inquire
BDO: 2.50Php
Expressnet: 2.50Php
Megalink: 2.50Php
Bancnet: 2.50Php
ATMs w/ Cirrus logo: 25Php
ATM Withdrawal
BDO: 5Php
Expressnet: 15Php
Megalink: 15Php
Bancnet: 15Php
ATMs w/ Cirrus logo: 200Php
Statement of Account Request
25Php for regular accounts
50Php for trade/dealer accounts
SMART Money Limits
Card Balance Unit
Money Transfer Transaction Limit
Maximum Purchase Amount per day

*NOTE: Charges as of October 2012. Rates are subject to change without prior notice so visit http://www1.smart.com.ph/money/.

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