Human Nature Healthy Lotion

                          Human Nature Healthy Lotion is another yet promising product that is rich in antioxidants and paraben-free. It claims that it is natural and no harmful chemicals such as parabens, silicones, phthalates and other toxic chemicals. It is made in the Philippines and can be bought at Sesou Nature and supermarkets. 

                      Since I am also into natural made products, it was very tempting to me to always look at the Human Nature products corner. Even though there were no broad details about the lotion like the other products, I bought the two lovely variants which is the Berry Bliss and Vanilla Delight. I really like its' scent that it made me confuse on what to pick so I bought the small variants to try which is 50ml while the big variant is 200ml. The 50ml only costs 64.75Php in the market and the 200ml costs 199Php.

Human Nature Healthy Lotion Vanilla Delight  and Berry Bliss 

  • Both variant smells really good. The smell lasted 4-5 hours. 
  • There were no problems with the container. 
  • The lotion was not that creamy.
  • It is not greasy.

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