Strip It Hair Removal Sugaring is a cold wax sold by Sesou Nature Source and made in Philippines. It is all natural and hypoallergenic. It does not require any heating. I bought mine at Alabang Town Center worth 165Php for 100grams but 130Php at the Strip It site(I don’t know why :) ). The Strip It sugaring comes with 1 spatula, 2 long sheets of waxing paper and waxing instructions. 

                         In sugaring, the substrate sticks to the root of the hair rather to the skin making it less painful.

                       I am very thankful when I’ve found out about this product because I am afraid of pain from hot wax offered by waxing salons. It is also way cheaper and cost little time than having my body waxed in a salon. Aside from that, it is very tiring and bad to shave that caused my skin to have ingrown hairs.

                       According to their website, Stip It Hair Removal Sugaring gives a clear, smooth and light skin. It contains moisturizer that makes the skin soft and calamansi that lightens the skin.

Note: Don’t wax three days before and after menstrual cycle because the skin is more sensitive and will cause more pain. Hair should atleast be ¼ inches long.


Keep your skin dry and clean before using Strip It Hair Removal Sugaring. If oily, put powder lightly and then remove.
1.       Use the spatula to get the sugaring and apply it to the skin in 
the direction of hair growth.
2.       Place a strip of waxing paper onto the applied skin firmly 
while leaving a space at the end of the strip for pulling. Rub for a few seconds.
3.       Strip off the waxing paper at the opposite direction quickly.
4.       After waxing, wipe the skin with damp cloth. 

What I love about Strip It Hair Removal Sugaring:

It is effective.
It is affordable.
It is water-soluble.
It is easy to apply.
It has a 1 year shelf life.
It is less painful.
It doesn’t make your skin itchy.
It is time saver.
Hair grows w/in 2-3 weeks.

What I don’t love about Strip It Hair Removal Sugaring:

It’s quite messy.

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