Brite Smile To Go Whitening Pen is a convenient and portable pen that promises to whiten the natural teeth within two weeks prior of usage and results similar to whitening strips. A box of Brite Smile To Go contains three pens. One pen is worth 1500Php in the Philippines which can last 2-3 weeks. It is sold mostly by the dentists. It is structured with a brush tip that when you click the top of the pen, a gel will come out of the small hole in the center of the brush tip.

                    After my braces was removed, my dentist gave me a whitening treatment and sold me this whitening pen as a maintenance. My dentist said  that this whitening will help my yellowish teeth to whiten and maintain it because my teeth are prone to being yellow. Let's hope we will see some changes. I will post before and after pictures soon. 

(Click to refresh the pen)


 Brite Smile To Go Whitening Pen is designed for use only by adults and persons over the age of 16. Foods and drinks can be consumed at least 30 minutes after the application of the whitening pen.


1.       Remove the cap of Brite Smile To Go Whitening Pen.
2.       Click the end of the pen until a small droplet is visible.
3.       Apply a thin layer to the front surfaces of the teeth.
4.       Return the cap after use.

It is easy and simple to apply.
It is portable.
It is not messy.
It can be used twice a day.

It is expensive.


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