Put in your mind you are precious. Do not tolerate abuse. 

Once you allow a person to disrespect you, you are giving that person permission to disrespect you some more.

Abuse could start at home, or in school. If anyone attacks you with words or with their limbs, report to your teacher immediately, or tell your parents at once. If someone touches your body in a shameful way, run away fast. Call your parents right away. 

Early in a man-woman relationship, once the other person shames you, or hits you, or calls you cheap names, or curses you, or asks for money constantly, or disrespect your parents or your siblings, stop seeing this person right away. 

At my age, I have seen too many, have read too many cases of women allowing early signs of abuse, hoping for a change, but the abuse never stopped.

I'm thankful I have not suffered horrible abuse -- the kind that resulted in permanent trauma or irreparable consequence, but there could have been many instances in my life that I could  have made easier had I put this motto in my mind:

Be careful what you tolerate; you are teaching people how to treat you.

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