The first thing that we usually notice when we see Jay Shetty and his wife Radhi Shetty are their soooo beautfiful eyes!
But soon, as we get to see and hear them talk, we also notice how very articulate they are and how they are also soooo beautiful inside, based on what they say and how they express their thoughts.

For those who are not familiar with the Shetty's, Jay Shetty is an Indian British social media influencer who was born and who grew up in London. He's an award-winning host, speaker, storyteller and creator of viral videos. His motivational and inspirational videos, also called wisdom videos, are among the most viewed in the world.

As of August 26, 2019, Jay Shetty has more than 25.7 million (25,702,687) on Facebook and 4.4 million followers on Instagram.

You can see more information about Jay Shetty and his work on his website


Radhi Devlukia-Shetty is a vegan chef, plant-based dietitian and recipe developer. She believes in Ayurveda and advocates natural beauty and conscious cooking and living. As of August 26, 2019, she has 381,000 followers on Instagram.

I first saw Radhi Shetty on the first episode of Jay Shetty's On Purpose podcast, in which Jay interviewed her on various topics such as happiness, health and relationship. In this podcast, she shared some of her health tips, including the following:

1. Drink warm water, not cold water/
2. Use a tongue scraper.
3. Sleep early.

In the video above, Radhi Shetty converses with Women of Impact host Lisa Bilyeu about her life's experiences and various things related to how to love oneself.

Points that we can get from the video:

. Radhi's family's support system helped her develop a positive image despite being heavy-set at a young age
. She was the youngest child. Many things were done for her by her older sister or her mom or other family members.
   She said she was shy when she was young.
. Radhi learned a lot about loving oneself when she moved to New York with her husband Jay Shetty.
  Left alone at home while her husband went to work, she started journaling to process her emotions. She said somebody suggested journaling. She spent the time to know herself. She took many hours walking around. There was also a meditation center which she visited often.
. She learned not to depend on external validation. She decided she won't base her lover for herself based on what other people say or do.
. She said that meditation was the turning point for her, and that meditation is a time during the day that you spend time with oneself.
 When you meditate, you ask "Who am I?". Think of things you like about yourself. Write about these things in a journal.
How can you love yourself without knowing who you are?
. She said that she learned a lot from her husband. Her husband, years prior to their union, spent years finding himself, learning a lot about himself and understanding himself while being a monk. She learns from observing how her husband reacts to situations and to other people.
. She admires her husband's mindset. He's not critical towards himself and others. He is accepting about himself and others.
. She says that she had those days of "Why me? Why did this happen to me? Should it happen to me? Her suggestion is to break down the situation, process it and change one's perspective. How can I grow from it? What lesson can I learn from this? Make it something that causes you to grow and understand yourself better.
. She said it's hard to change what one has been conditioned to, but one can train the mind into thinking positive. One way to train the mind is to journal, break down what it is about and to decide to react in a positive way next time.
. Some things to learn:
 - Address and process emotions you're going through, but do not wallow in them.
- Try always to better yourself
- Stop pretending
- Detox yourself of negative emotions. Release. Do not wallow. Writing is a good release. Write to yourself. Write to the person who upset you (but do not send what you have written).
- When you're upset, you have a choice to listen to music that will let you wallow a long time, or shift to music that uplifts you.
- Do not let fear control you. Before she traveled to New York, she thought of safety nets to help control her fear. Once more, her family support system helped a lot.
- How to overcome fear:
  Break down the fear. Write every fear. Write all experiences. Write the worst thing that can happen.
  If something fails, ask what you can learn from it. There's a reason why something happens, why one is in a certain situation.
- As beautiful as Radhi Shetty is, it's surprising when she said she also had to conquer envy (mostly when she was heavy-set and was around schoolmates with body images), self-doubt and jealousy. She said she can also be snappy or too quiet when upset. 
- Host Lisa said it's okay to commit mistakes. Learn from mistakes.

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