I had frequent rebonding, hair coloring and heat-styling, and these made my hair dry, frizzy and dull. I was hoping that this hair treatment product, Caimei Extra Care Hot Oil Hair Treatment for Damaged Hair, would take care of my hair and it did. It caught my attention because of its bargain price and its large container (680 grams!). I bought it at Watson's for 135 Php (on sale). It has been one month and it's not empty yet. I have average volume and length of hair and I use it daily. 

          It contains pro-vitamin B5 that moisturizes and brightens the hair. It has UV protection. It provides nutrition and makes the hair soft and smooth like silk.


It is easy to apply.
It has a pleasant smell.
It makes the hair smooth and shiny.
It can be used daily.
Protects the hair from the sun.


It is very effective for me so I can't mention any.


Shampoo hair. Rinse well and then pat hair dry with towel. Apply Caimei to hair and massage for 60 seconds. Rinse thoroughly. 

Caimei Extra Care Hot Oil Hair Treatment

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